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To enrich the cultural landscape of Lemont by fostering the production and appreciation of the arts.

Earth Day: Recycled Art

Yesterday’s Earth Day: Recycled Art class worked on four different art projects using recycled materials.

On the left, the flower pot/votive holder. On the right, the magazine pot, perfect for storing small things around the house in a colorful, earth-friendly way!

Students made pots from folded up magazine pages. These pots are the perfect size for corralling small things like paper clips, erasers, pencils, hair ties…you name it! We used soup cans to make a decorative tin that could be used to plant a flower in or as a votive holder.

Student folding up magazine pages to assemble the magazine pot. Look at all those bright colors!

Another cool project was cutting up aluminum soda cans and gluing them together into a three-dimensional artwork. We made lovely aluminum flowers.

Flower ED:RA2012

A three-dimensional flower crafted from recycled aluminum cans. Who knew soda cans could be so pretty?!

And, of course, you can’t forget to paint! We used plastic bottle caps, mesh fruit bags, and corrugated cardboard to do a printmaking-style painting.


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This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.