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To enrich the cultural landscape of Lemont by fostering the production and appreciation of the arts.

Richard Hoyt Lee – Artist of the Month, May 2016

Gentle Impressions, Inc. Lemont, IL 60439

Born in Rochester, New York, He came west to Wisconsin to attend Milwaukee School of Engineering and graduated in metallurgy.  Hired immediately after graduation by Argonne National Laboratory he pursued a career in corrosion, tribology and finally materials joining at the new accelerator, APS.

He married Barbara Friedley of Lemont in 1965 and has two daughters, Debbie and Heidi. They bought a house in Lemont in 1967 for $25,000 and it was destroyed by a tornado in 1976. They rebuilt it on the same foundation (all that was left) and still live in the same place but a bigger house – with a basement! Started getting interested in local history about 1980 but has been interested in the history of science and technology for many years. Has one patent related to a low friction coating developed at Argonne and has published many scientific and historical papers. Some papers related to history have also been published or presented at conferences, such as: Pasteur, Century of the Electron , Daguerreotypes analysis, Mexican Murals Micro-analysis, Peaceful Microscopy, The Met Lab 1942-46, and Women in Science.

Retired from Argonne National Laboratory in 2002, he does research out of his home office on many subjects related to history, science, and microscopy. When at Argonne, research was done on corrosion for 25 years, liquid metals and sensors for about two years, tribology (not trilobites) and low friction coatings for about 12 years. In addition, he worked part-time the last 5 years on materials problems and setting up an advanced microscopy and micro-finishing lab at the Advanced Photon Source (APS). He has an interest in history and is vice president and past president of the Lemont Area Historical Society. He was also the photography archives  administrator there, helping to digitize the archival photos. A grandfather now, he enjoys new opportunities for exploring.

Still active in photography, he works on special projects to create collections of digital photos related to historical sites and projects. Learning to create DVD educational and artistic subjects is another project of his. His unique specialty is Art in Science or artistic microscopy but local scenics  are another subject and being applied for a new project, “Spiritual Attractions” for this year’s IL Conference on History.


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This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.