Lemont Center for the Arts

To enrich the cultural landscape of Lemont by fostering the production and appreciation of the arts.

Jason LaMorte – Artist of the Month June 2016

I started painting in January of this year because my children Jack and Ashley bought me the Bob Ross starter painting kit. I watched the show because it helped me relax and to sleep. I actually had no intentions of painting at all, but the more I watched the more curious I became to see if I could do it.  This year for Christmas my girlfriend Kaylin surprised me with a painting easel to further encourage me.  So I decided to start painting.  I grabbed a glass of wine, set up my painting area and began.  Before I knew it, 4 hours went by, I found myself so immersed in what I was doing that in all that time I never touched my wine, and for me to not touch my drink for 4 hours is really saying something.  I have Jack, Ashley, and Kaylin to thank for making me discover something that I really do enjoy.  I would never have done it without the encouragement.  It’s a simple technique consisting of happy trees, happy clouds, and no mistakes, just happy accidents.


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This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.